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About Our Company

Whitney Construction Inc., a family owned and operated General Contracting company, has three principles that have enabled each of our valued customers to mold and guide our growth over the, communication and quality. Using  our experience  and these ideals has made it possible for a reputation of excellence, unmatched by any contractor.


Whitney Construction Inc. understands  that our reputation for building quality  custom homes in Massachusetts can only be upheld by reflecting these high standards to each aspect of construction. It's easy to see, however often overlooked, that it takes quality materials  as  well as quality craftsmanship to make your vision a reality. Many contractors  emphasize only the bottom line, sacrificing the quality of the largest and most important investment most people and builders make. We are not willing to make such sacrifices. We will work with you  and make your  dreams come true with a quality product.


Whitney Construction Inc. has used repeat customers, and word of mouth advertising among customers and peers as the cornerstone for growth in the industry, holding its vision for complete customer satisfaction as the backbone which keeps us ahead as an industry leader.

Mission Statement


It shall be the objective of Whitney Construction Inc. to both create and provide a quality product in a timely fashion in order to provide clients and contractors with the utmost satisfaction. Our strategic implementation and commitment to our profession allows  for company  evolution  above industry standards.




We have over 10 years of experience providing top quality construction services to residential and commercial clients in Massachusetts. With our company, we respect your home and your time, and because of that, we will work to make sure everything is done quickly and efficiently at your convenience. Whether you're looking for a custom  built home, an elegant multi-functional  area to entertain friends and family, a year-round   grilling area, or a beautiful addition that will increase the value of your home, Whitney Construction Inc. is an excellent choice. We offer a wide variety of designs to accommodate  your  specifications  and desires.







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