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Custom Homes & Additions



When we tell you it will take six months to build or add to your home, it will take six 

months. Period. And it won’t cost a penny more than we say it will. That’s because we 

design and build your project. Most builders work from plans drawn by outside 

architects and designers, an approach that breeds conflict and miscommunication. We 

work closely with you from the very beginning to create a unique home plan that reflects 

your needs, your dreams, and your personality – and that can be efficiently built for your 

budget. In fact, budget is part of the conversation from our very first meeting. We have 

completed many luxury custom homes and additions over more than 10 years, so we 

know exactly what things cost and how to make sure you get the most home for your 

dollars. By the time we finish the plans you have a firm price and a firm move-in date.

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